Utama Unlocking the Man Code: How I Overcame Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Added Inches..

Unlocking the Man Code: How I Overcame Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Added Inches to My Penis

Warning: This book contains images of graphic nudity that some readers may find disturbing.

In Unlocking the Man Code I describe How I overcame erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and added inches to my penis. This book is part autobiography, but mostly a lesson plan on how to duplicate my routines and exercises so that you may hopefully find the same succes
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Unlocking the Man Code

How I Overcame Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Added Inches to My Penis

Written by

Bradley Andrews



My name unfortunately is not Bradley Andrews. I assure you however that I am a real man, and that everything you will read in this book is true to the best of my knowledge. It’s what worked for me during my journey of sexual discovery and enhancement.

Men, I will take you on a journey through my penis enlargement, and how I accidentally learned how to last longer in bed, gain firmer erections, and make sex more enjoyable. It will be a mixture of instructions, biography and narration. Most of what you need to know about me is shared in chapter one, so let’s talk about dedication.

Everything in this book is worth nothing if you don’t dedicate the time to it. This will require probably a fair amount of privacy or openness with housemates. Sometimes you need hours of alone time to dedicate to your routines, sometimes just a few extra minutes in the bathroom will suffice. Either way the amount of time and frequency of your dedication will be the keys toyour success.

Some parts of my lesson plans will give you sexual improvement in one or two sessions, others may take more time and practice, especially pumping and enlargement. Everyone will experience their results differently based on the amount of dedication and commitment to the process. It has taken me years to figure out what defines success and how to achieve success while pumping. Hopefully it does not take you years to find success like it did me, because I didn’t have this e-book.

I contribute most of my success to the fact that I landed a job that allowed me to work from home around all of my personal commitments, including penis enlargement. So instead of going to the gym and lifting weights or running a treadmill, I’m at home, sitting in my living room, doing my penis exercise and enlargement routine. Most days I spend around 2 hours “working out” in my bedroom or livi; ng room.

For most people that’s a huge commitment of time that they simply don’t have. Luckily I didn’t start off with exercises that lengthy, it took time to build up enough endurance and energy to keep my penis going for that long during stretches or pumping.

I would estimate that a good 30 minute routine would suffice, but it’s more important to do the process daily. You want to expand the inner chambers of penis, either through exercises or pumping, and allow them to go back to their typical sizes, slowly over the course of the day.. This constant swelling and then slowly returning back to normal is what actually provides your gains. In order to hit the 8” mark, for instance, one might have to pump, stretch or swell the penis up to 8.25-8.5” so that when it shrinks back from the swelling you are then at your 8” goal. Every time you stretch it out and it shrinks back to normal you are expanding the fibers. You may not see the gains but with consistent exercises, and over the course of time you will be able to add them up.

So who am I? Please begin with chapter one, where I provide you with more of a history on me and how I stumbled into becoming a male sexual wellness guru. I’m not a doctor, and all I want to do is share my story, and the steps I took to overcome premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and my biggest achievement, a bigger penis.

Wellness Tip: Enlargement takes time. Anyone who promises results in days or weeks is probably selling you a scam.

The Early Pumping Years

Unfortunately this is the first picture that I have saved of my enlargement progress. It shows my erect state at just around 6.25”.

Because this is the first documented and photographed proof that I have this is the size all of my success measurements are based off of. In reality however, I actually began with an erect state of just under 6”, probably closer to 5.5”, but there is no way for me to verify that. Once I started finding success with enlargement it was too late to go back and get good “before” pictures. When I added my first inch I realized II had to start documenting my progress, otherwise nobody would believe me.

As I’m writing this book I am reflecting back on my sexual experiences, for me they began at a very young age. I knew as a child I had one of the smallest penises out of all of my friends, and who knows what age I really even was when I started to get sexual. I was young. Young enough to fit my penis in the opening of a lotion or shampoo bottle. And that’s how it all started.

It didn’t take a genius to see that my 5.5” or 6” wasn’t that large. Girls, and guys would say that I was sufficient, but it didn’t feel that way to me. I just knew with a 7” or 8” or even a 9” dick I would have way better sex than I was having. There’s no way a bigger dick wouldn’t provide more enjoyment, if only for myself.

As a youngster, teenager I assume, I would remove the cap from the lotion bottles in the bathroom, and found that it felt good when I stuck my penis into the bottle and suctioned all the air out of the bottle. The lotion provided good lubrication and the bottle made it easy to just squeeze the air out. And I did what most boys do at that age. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom or in my bedroom with my new found joys.

This fascination with making my penis bigger has been ingrained in me since then. When I got older and entered high school I naturally hit puberty and outgrew the openings of lotion bottles. I knew my penis was still on the smaller side, and I found enjoyment in what I was doing. So I upgraded to other homemade suction devices.

I constructed my own pump chambers from pop bottles, or anything I could find to stick my penis into that felt good anyhow. It wasn’t until I turned 18 that I was finally old enough to walk into the adult bookstore and buy my first penis pump. This was a rite of passage for me because I had been wanting one for so long.

I could bore you with the details. So why not?

The cliff notes version: I walked in, my ID was checked, and finally I was allowed to enter..

Dirty magazines everywhere. Videos. Toys. Movie booths. Private and shared.

Oh the smell was horrendous. I couldn’t name it or even come close if I tried. I had to assume it was the smell of all of cum that was spilled on its walls and floors in the movie booths over the years. The booths had paper towels, and they encouraged you to clean up after yourself, but it seemed more like nobody ever used them. They had lots of “regulars” over the years I’m sure, and it was one of the best local hookup spots, for dudes to hookup with other dudes for oral.

I refused to become one of the regulars, but more power to them. Get your life.

Anyhow, I looked over the pumps and dildos, which were conveniently hanging on the outer walls, thus making it 100% noticeable as to what I was shopping for. Of course I had to show up there when it was busy, and nosy, horney dudes surrounded me. All three of them. Awkward. I let them disappear into the movie booths before getting a closer look at the toys.

I made my selection and barely said a word to the clerk as I was checking out, if memory serves me correctly it was around a $50 purchase, not exactly cheap for an 18 year old. I was embarrassed, but the excitement and anticipation of getting home to play with my new toy helped give me the courage to face my fears. Every emotion rushed through me as I had to beat my 6 other housemates home, my parents and siblings.

I discarded the box into a dumpster so there wouldn’t be any evidence at home. I did the same thing with some other toys I purchased from them. I reserved the brown paper back to help conceal the pump when I was going into the house. I was nerve wracked and full of anxiety, but I started to get hard thinking about how this was about to feel on my dick.

That first pump was blue, it had a manual pump ball with an aluminum pressure release valve and aluminum connections for the hose and pumping ball. The rubber was pliable, not cheap, and helped maintain the correct pressure levels with ease, as I would later find out was much better than some of the other ones on the market.

During my early days of pumping I saw good size increases, but I was also in that post-puberty age range, when penises are still naturally getting larger on their own. I had a measurement chart and I recall charting some new growth in girth and length, again, nothing I recall, and not measurements I would trust anyhow.. All of my records from back them have been lost and destroyed anyhow, but I wish I could recall how big I was exactly when I began. Best guess 5” and maybe 5.5”, but that was so long ago, and I am nowhere near that size anymore.

I really enjoyed learning new techniques with my pump. Through trials and errors I learned what worked best. For instance, the pump came with a rubber gasket that would go around the base of the penis, it was supposed to help keep a good grip on the penis. I found it best to remove that rubber gasket once my thickness felt good on the bare plastic of the pumping chamber.

I also found that I got the best seals and suction when I shaved my pubes in the area where the tube wasn’t making a good seal. And using plenty of lotion.

Pro Tip: Start with your rubber gasket in place, if your pump came with one, then remove it and test for whichever is more comfortable and creates the best seal.

When I first started pumping I found that whatever felt good to my penis was beneficial to my growth, both temporary and permanent. I didn’t have any manuals, user guides or online references back then, they just didn’t exist on the internet back then. I had to figure this all out on my own, knowing that if I injured myself too much I could cause permanent damage.

Like I said, pumps don’t come with user manuals or tips. The topic of how to pump never really crossed my mind as it came naturally to me. I can’t take all of the credit for my stretching or jelqing routines, but they too come naturally. However my pumping plan was developed by myself personally over many years of just doing what felt good, and somehow it worked. I sat down and analyzed what I was doing that was working and I compiled it in this easy to read format because teaching people how to pump in person gets awkward.

One of the first things I learned about on my own was over pumping. Over Pumping is when you pump for too long or at too high of a pressure, or both. Over Pumping is not good if it causes pain, or if it makes your erection quality drop or if you experience any unusual discomfort.

Is it considered over pumping if a donut forms at the top of your penis? Yes. It depends on how long the donut lasts, and how painful it is whether you truly over pumped or not. Over pumping and the formation of a donut isn’t always inherently a bad thing, it’s how much pain and discomfort they come with that will tell you if you need to scale back your routine or not.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your total erection quality . Your EQ for short is the ability for you to maintain a 100% erect penis. Most men wake up with “morning wood,” which is usually one of the stronger natural erections that guys sometimes have. If you notice you can’t seem to “get it up” the next day, you may have low EQ causes from over pumping.

Back in those early days I would pump with the goal of filling the chamber. I still pump with the same goal in mind, but it isn’t always easy to determine if you are over pumping when you are in the middle of your routine. That’s why we start much lower, slower and with lower pressures, as a way to help prepare the fibers of your penis for the longer, stronger and harder sessions.

Pro Tip: You must accept the fact that it may take you years of hard work and dedication to be able to fill or pack a pumping chamber. “Packing” a tube is when you pump your girth up to the size of the tube and actually have your penis filling the entire chamber, width-wise. This is a feat that took me years to achieve, and boy does it make pumping feel so much better, and even more like I’m actually having sex, do not expect to achieve this goal overnight. I started with the preconceived notion that I could pack a tube on day one. That’s how I accidentally found out that donuts can be good, and what exactly over pumping was.

Another thing I learned from over pumping was that bruising and blood spots happen. Veins popping happens. If you pump and massage them enough they will go away. I had to learn that through trial and error. There were times I thought I messed up my dick forever, and that it was going to always be deformed. How terrifying of a thought. Just imagine, I’d forever be known as the donut dick boy. Thank God the donuts go away and I don’t have to live with that embarrassment. Same thing with bruising spots.

Bruising spots on the head of your penis can be unsightly, they aren’t usually painful, but they sure are ugly. The spots should go away overnight, but they serve as a warning that you are pumping at too high of a pressure. That’s partly why you should ensure a clear pump and pay attention to the way your penis looks during the entire routine. Even intense jelqing and stretching can cause blood spots and bruising to occur, so be careful!

Back in those days I just did what felt good. I gave up on pumping when I realized the gains were only temporary, or so I thought. Over the years I would buy several more pumps and enjoy using them for play but I never made a good routine or habit with it. I didn’t realize that daily pumping lead to permanent results, and occasional pumping lead to temporary increases. If I knew that I would have stuck with it a lot longer back then.

Fast forward a few short years and I end up getting married, moving in with my now ex-wife, and shelving the pump all together. I pulled it out very occasionally over my 9 Year marriage.

The Jelqing, Stretching and Small Dick Years

This image depicts a rep in the jelq routine I developed back during that 9 years of “wandering the desert,” or the period of time when enlargement took a back seat to my marriage. I still do these jelqs and stretches to this day.

I want to give you a bit more history on myself before we get into the lessons and how to improve your sex life. I allowed myself to marry a woman because I thought my inner homosexual was healed and gone, and I was truly in love. I prayed the demon of homosexuality away. Or so I thought. The sex was great, for a closeted gay guy, but too infrequent. I was always turned on by men, more than women, but had the absolute ability to think myself hard enough for sex. When I was with women, I would focus thinking on dudes to help keep me erect, but then again, even when I was with dudes, I still had to focus hard on other dudes to keep me “up.”

Was I flawless with my ability? Hell no, but I came to realize not all men could do that.

I also realized I could cum more than once if I did one of two things. Stop the sexual motions momentarily, or keep the same pace momentarily, before slowly slowing down. I realized this made me unique when people referred to me as “Superman” because I wouldn’t be done until I chose to be done. I thought all guys came and then kept going, or held it back as long as they wanted.

Again, was I flawless with this ability. Absolutely not. Being gay and in a straight relationship helped get me used to numbing those sensations.

But I realized back then there was something I was doing that other men were not. I was controlling my sex. I was able to last as long as I wanted, and stay hard throughout sex. While other guys I met over the years told me of their sexual struggles. I have so many stories of other men that I am writing my own Penis Monologues as we speak. And this book is for all those men, the ones I couldn’t teach in person because of how awkward it would be, hopefully they stumble upon this book.

Whether I was with dudes, or girls, I always felt like I wanted to be “further in” and I had much difficulty with finding the holes, and keeping it in. Only guys with weak erections and small dicks can relate. It’s the worst sex imaginable. Always slipping out and not going back in. It was emotionally frustrating. Total boned killer in and of itself.

It took its toll on me emotionally.

Now don't get me wrong, the sex felt good, but I could tell I was missing something. Then, when I most wanted to fulfill my “Superman” namesake, no matter which hole I was in I would cum almost immediately. That pissed me off and frustrated me. And if I was too stressed, or full of fears and anxieties, I wouldn’t be able to get it hard enough to even have sex. So with all these things plaguing me, my small dick, sometimes not lasting as long as I wanted to, and not being able to get it up, I started wanting a bigger dick again. So instead of going towards the pump I did my own research on other natural remedies to the small penis.

I didn’t develop jelqing, but I discovered it online in the early days of the internet. It was described as a “milking technique” that went back supposedly to the Egyptians, and is an ancient cultural tool that was used during puberty to elongate the penises of ancient Egyptian men. Is that all true? I have no idea, and frankly I don’t care.

What matters is that the techniques of milking or jelqing the penis can create forced blood flow in the penis, similar to pumping. Not as effective visually as pumping, but this is one of best methods of achieving results in stamina and enlargement, completely naturally. When combined with pre and post jelq stretching, this can be quite an effective routine.

When my wife wasn’t home I would begin my stretches and jelqs. Warming up before hand with a hot wash cloth and then doing my stretches and jelqs in the shower. I noticed a slight increase in my size after a few weeks. She barely noticed the .5” that I added really quickly, which was probably still only putting me around 5-5.5” at this point (always bone pressed erect measurements). I found success but I lost the dedication and commitment.

I thought she’d feel it more and the sex would be way better with an extra half an inch, but she didn’t even notice. So keep in mind, as you get larger the sex will improve, but sometimes you might need to add more than just an inch to get that “wow” factor from your partner. Don’t discard the plans immediately, stick with them until you hit your goals.

Measurements: When measuring your penis, don’t ever worry about the flaccid size, as it is always changing, right along with the humidity and weather. Measure 100% hard, on the upper side of the shaft, with a ruler pressed into the bone. Snap a pic. Then note your measurements.

Consistency is key to measurements. You must measure them using the same ruler and positioning each time. If you press to the bone each time, you can never go further into a bone, so your results will never be flawed, fake or accidental. The pubic bone is your base, for the pump, the ruler, and how deep you can really go in during sex.

I use my pump now to track my gains, it’s easier to hold it against the bone, and that’s where you’ll see the progress at first, in the chamber. You’ll pump yourself to 20cm before you automatically enter the pump at 20cm.

So with the advent of a disappointment I shelved the ideas of enlargement yet again. Shelved the jelqing success and focused on keeping an erection and trying to last longer than a minute. The ladies loved me because they couldn’t feel me, and I wouldn’t wear them out, and then again on occasion I would be like the Energizer Bunny and just keep going. Guess I had to teach them all a lesson in assumptions. Great sex can be learned and taught. And dicks can get bigger. I’m living proof. Sadly, I won’t ever go back and “show and tell” with them, so it’s now just my ace in the hole. No pun intended.

Before we wrap up this section I want to talk briefly on my small dick years. The 6” and under crowd will relate well, those with 7”+ this might open your eyes to the small penis complex that some of us tend to fall into. And this is a good section to show to any prying housemates eyes regarding why I never gave up on penis enlargement and making my sex life better.

I’m gonna be honest here, 5-6” erect is a good size penis, as a gay male, it’s lovely, sexy, enough to satisfy. Doesn’t mean I want to suck each one every time I meet a guy, I’m just confirming, those sizes are excellent actually. There is nothing wrong with penises in those sizes, you can keep the size and work on your performance and stamina.

But that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted it bigger.

When you sit down and your dick disappears into your fat pad, and it’s smaller than your pinky. That wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted it bigger.

When I walk around in basketball shorts and wonder where my own print is. That wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted it bigger.

Print is that package of penis and balls shown through clothing. Seen bouncing in basketball shorts when guys are jogging, also referred to by the founding gay fathers as a basket.

If you see his junk moving as he’s running, he knows it’s bouncing around, he can feel it. Us small dick guys don’t know that feeling, cuz it just isn’t big enough to make that feeling.

And us small dick guys aren’t stupid, we see the guys with bigger dicks look like they’re having more fun, and they are. We just want better sex for our own lives.

I didn’t want a bigger more enjoyable dick so I can promiscuously use it to screw the world. I want it because I have 30-40 years of good sex ahead of me, and I just want it as enjoyable as I can have it, for myself.

It’s purely selfish. It’s for my own self image when I’m wearing basketball shorts or showering at the gym. It’s for that wow factor for myself when I see my own dick.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s for me and my partners’ enjoyments. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your sex life, especially when you’re doing it with someone you love in mind. They never understand. It’s like smokers vs lifelong non smokers. Each of them has a completely different reality.

On their train of thought penis can’t get any bigger and you need drugs to get an erection and to help you last longer.

On my train of thought we don’t believe, we know penises can get bigger and sex can get way better. We know some men might need drugs, but most erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are caused by our psychological mindset, and for some, they can be trained away.

They also think the penis is not a muscle. I’m not a doctor so I’m not going to make any claims that it is or isn’t a material that matters. It’s rubbery. It’s stretchy. It expands and shrinks. It can be trained, strengthened and made firmer. Those are simply the facts.

Firmer. Bigger. Thicker. Longer. Stronger. Feel more. Increased but decreased sensitivity. Could those be bad things? If your quality of erection is always at 90-110% and the sex gets better, could my routine be bad? I don’t think so.

I can actually feel the thrusts now when I have sex. From the tip to the base. All over the shaft. And I last as long as I want to, mostly. I’m always trying to not cum right away, but sometimes I allow myself to climax too early. Yes. I tell myself when to shoot my load. I control it now. Again, most of the time. It takes practice to cum and cum again. It takes practice to not cum so quick. Each time I have sex it just gets better and better because I’m getting more and more practice, and my dick is always getting bigger. The bigger my erect dick get, the longer and more enjoyable the sex has gotten.

You can tell when your partner has been satisfied good enough just by paying more attention to them during sex. And as a small dick guy, you know when you’re not living up to your own standards, and both people are frustrated and leave underwhelmed. But do this with no expectations, it takes lots of time to turn your sex life around completely. It won’t happen overnight. And you need lots of practice and lots of exercise before getting into the sack to show off your new skills.

I don’t know how much of my improvements are due to my bigger size, and how much are due to my personal training. Either way, I attribute my success to both the exercises and the pumping, because whatever I’m doing seems to be working.

The Stuff That Did and Didn’t Work

The jelqing years lasted throughout my entire marriage, off and on, and once I came out as gay it was my go to routine before going back to my trusted pumps. When I got divorced my whole life changed, I accepted myself for being gay, moved across the country and started to get back to who I was as a person. The guy that wanted to be the bottom actually, but only because I couldn’t satisfy as a top. The guy that wanted that bigger dick.

With the advent of a bigger dick, and thoroughly trained for sex I ended up going from wanting to bottom, to now I’m almost strictly a top. I went from being ridiculed by guys on Grindr and blocked because of my small dick, to being a size that garners their attention now.

When I started back up focusing on enlargement I found great success with stretches and jelqs, for the second third time in my life. I added an inch or so just by doing those alone. Don’t sleep on stretching and jelqing, they’re labor intensive and take time, but they do work naturally.

I lost dedication to the routine and found interest in all the online gimmicks. I tried them all so that you don’t have to waste your money or time. I present my honest opinions on different sexual products on the market and how they can be used to better your sex life or if they should be avoided. I didn’t stop focusing on jelqs and stretches completely, but I knew there had to be a more efficient way to achieve results in a shorter period of time. I was devoted to making the process better. It’s what I do.

Pumps are something I still live by. With the right training, as found in this book, you can use pumps to achieve everything your sexual hearts desire. With the wrong training however, they can be dangerous and cause severe damage. You will find more about pumps and how to use them in their own chapter.

Bathmate pumps are relatively new to the enlargement arena, they use water within the tube to reduce swelling and keep the shaft warm, I find them to be especially effective, yet annoying. In mine, my tube encompasses my shaft and balls, making it slightly uncomfortable to use and I frequently get air/water leaks. If I can get it seated correctly I found the diameter of the tube to be too large, making my dick want to balloon out to an uncomfortable degree in regards to girth, and just enough tug in the wrong areas to make it painful and frustrating.

Stretching devices can have a good effect if used properly. The kind of device I’m referring to goes around the base of the penis and uses springs connected to the head of the penis. The picture below is of one of those devices. The problem with these devices is that they don’t grip well to the head of the penis. They slip off and fall out of your pants. And they aren’t easy to conceal.

For best results you should wear the device for several hours, and avoid cutting off circulation to the head of your penis. A task that can be difficult to achieve. You’ll be more annoyed by their bulky nature and having to readjust it every 10 minutes that you’ll probably give it up before you gain your first inch. That being said, I do give mine credit for at least a half an inch or more, now I’m too girthy to even fit it on and try it again. Manual stretching is just as good, if not better.

Weight hanging goes back to the early days of penis enlargement. Men would hang soup cans and barbell weights from their penises. How did they affix them there for the duration of a stretch. Lord only knows. I tried everything, even bought specially designed hanging devices. I’m guessing I was too small flaccid to get a good grip to hang weights from without killing blood flow to my penis anyhow. I don’t believe cutting off circulation is a good thing, and I caution anyone using these tools. Even with the special “hangers” they just wouldn’t stay on. This is a method that I think might have some potential, if you can navigate through what made me give up on it.

Electroshock therapy is often sold as a way for men to stimulate the penis, making it longer and thicker the more you use it, and helping you last longer in bed with a firmer erection. I had a device with 4 nodes, and an adjustable shock level. I actually was enjoying it at first and the shock wasn’t too unpleasant, that is, until I burned and shocked the head of my penis with too much electricity. I have a scar from it and it burned around my glans in a perfect circle, hence literally burning the head of my penis. When your penis skin flakes off and gets scabs on it, it’s safe to say you should avoid that instrument and probably sex for a while. This made me abstain from sex for weeks while it healed.

Creams can often be found wherever lube is sold. They claim maximum erections, that you’ll last longer or that anal won’t be as painful. Here’s what I’ve found, the creams that claim super hard erections didn’t do anything for me, they may work for you, but I had zero luck. Creams that claim to lessen the pain from anal help numb the inner cavity, and some may transfer to the penis of the person on top, thereby numbing it as well. When you’re both numb and can’t feel anything, it doesn’t usually make for good sex. Creams and sprays that claim to help you last longer do so by numbing the penis, which isn’t a bad thing when you can still feel it a little. But over numbing, either with anal or penile creams, will make the sex impossible.

Pills are available by prescription, like Viagra, or over the counter as vitamins or supplements. I found Viagra to be ineffective and overpriced, and it’s almost never a bad thing to have enough vitamins, but supplements are a bit riskier than I was willing to experiment with. Take caution with anything you place in your body. What you are taking Viagra for may be an emotional or psychological issue that can be eased away with the proper training.

I would try any device on the market that I could find related to penis enlargement. If it claimed penis enlargement I had to try it and test it myself, I was determined to break away from my small dick stigma. But there’s two things that helped me with everything i was suffering from. From my small dick, to cumming too soon, to not being able to get it hard. Those are my stretches and jelqs, and my trusty penis pump. In the following chapters I will share with you the techniques and tips on what you need to do in order to have the best sex of your lives.

Think With Your Head

Quite literally. You need to first learn to sing along with the music, in your head. Practice. Practice. Practice!

Watch porn. Find the best video that turns you on, the longest video you can find. Or watch live porn on Chaturbate. Keep yourself visually stimulated for as long as you can devote to practicing.

If you’re married or have someone to have sex with regularly, I want you to imagine them in the video you are watching, along with yourself. In other words, sing along to the music, literally and figuratively.

Close your eyes and imagine the two of you instead of the porn stars. This will help train you for sex with your significant other. Focusing on the porn stars, creates connections in the thought processes that will leave you craving the models, and not satisfied during the actual act of sex.

Truly focus on the moment you are in. Allow yourself to get hard and start masterbating. The goal here is to masterbate for as long as possible without cumming. Set a timer to track the start and finish times.

Once you cum. If you haven’t reached your personal goal, start masterbating again immediately.

If the feelings and sensations are too much, reduce your grip or adjust your speed to something that is comfortable, and allows you to continue those motions and feelings.

If you can’t get hard again, don’t worry, just keep beating off and playing with yourself, you might actually surprise yourselves and get erect again.

The goal here is to help you visualize your partner and the amazing sex you’ll have and to get your penis used to continual play. If you’re cumming too quickly this will help you last longer, and achieve multiple orgasms. With those two tools you will have firmer erections from heightened excitement and be able to last as long as you want through the training.

For most men, their sexual dysfunction comes from their mentality, and not being visually and emotionally stimulated during sex, or performance anxiety. Find out what makes you hard the most and visualize those images in your head. Again, if you have a partner or spouse, you should be visualizing them, so that when you do physically have sex, it’s that much better because you’ve practiced with them in mind.

Eventually, with enough training and commitment you’ll find it easier to achieve and maintain erections when you are in the actual act of sex. You should practice paying attention to the feelings and sensations of sex and enjoying them. In the next chapter I delve further into the art of overcoming premature ejaculation and difficulty with achieving an erection, the psychology of erectile dysfunction.

Overcome Premature Ejaculation and Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

So the last chapter was a brief introduction to the psychology of good sex. It all starts within your head and with your thought processes during sex.

The last time you masterbated, was it in a hurry? Rushed because your wife was about to come home? Or maybe the kids were about to get up for school? We as men have typically been trained since puberty to hurry up and cum before we get caught. That’s great when you live at home with mom and dad, but it sucks for the future physical associations you’ve made and the habits you didn’t even know you were forming.

These two topics go hand in hand, as you learn to last longer during sex, you’ll also learn to keep a firmer, harder erection. There are some physical steps, such as jelqing that I will cover in this section, but the psychological habits you formed over the years are what you are trying to break here. The focus of your mind on the physical sex you’ll have, not the fantasy sex you imagine in the porn.

When we watch porn for the amazingly chiseled porn stars, we get severely disappointed when we are physically in the act of sex with the one we love. So start fantasizing about your wife, your mistress, your boyfriend, your side hustle, whoever, as long as it’s the one you’re actually having sex with. The goal being to jerk off to the images, physically or mentally, but to not allow your cum to escape until you are with your love.

Your First Goal: Jerk off for One Hour without cumming.

I want you to be able to jerk off and masterbate solidly for one hour without cumming. Now throughout the training below you’re probably going to cum much earlier than 60 minutes in. The psychology behind this is that if you can last 60 minutes of good, active masterbating, you’ll last as long as you want during actual sex, which might be only 10 minutes. And for some guys 10 minutes is good enough. Not for me. I want to last as long as the sex is still going good, which is now for me sometimes between 30-60 minutes, if not longer. But it all started with those 60 minute jerk off sessions, then 2 hour sessions, and now even longer.

How do you get good blood flow into the penis when it doesn’t happen naturally? By jelqing!

What is Jelqing? Jelqing is that ancient technique of increasing blood flow and elongating the penis. As I mentioned earlier, maybe it came from the Egyptians as a way to ensure fertility, maybe it came from the Greeks to teach endurance in battles, regardless, it’s teachings have thankfully survived the course of time. I have taken what I learned about the methods and perfected a solid routine based on their teachings.

How do you do a jelq? Form an “ok” symbol with the finger and thumb, hold your hand however it is most comfortable, and grip your “ok” symbol at the base of the penis, gently gripping and lightly squeezing the penis, and then gently pull the “ok” symbol towards the head of the penis. Once you grip the penis, do it with enough pressure to force blood into it, so it’s not painful, and you feel a gentle tug once you get to the head.

Jelqing for length and to elongate the penis should be done with minimal erection strength, 0-50%, and in combination with stretching. Jelqing to increase stamina and help with erectile dysfunction should be done to start at 0-20% then gradually increase up to 80-100% erection strength, then keep jelqing at that 80-100% firmness level.

A good jelqing session would be based on the number of reps you can do, so try it out and see if you can do 50 of them, with one rep being one tug from the base to the tip or head of the penis. If 50 seems like too many, start with just 10. In my very active jelqing days I would do as many as 1000 reps, and it took me a long time to build up the strength and stamina to do them without discomfort.

I prefer dry jelqs, but you may enjoy lubed jelqs, both are effective. Presently I am doing majority of them as dry jelqs, because it puts less stress on the skin of the penis than with lube. With lube I found more broken skin vessels and more after jelqing irritation. The most important thing for any routine however is to warm up first.

Warming up should always be part of your routines. Warming up can be as little as mild jelqing, to as much as physically using a heating pad to loosen the ligaments in the penis, soaking in a warm bath or prolonged showers. It’s whatever feels best to you. I think I started with warm wet washcloths, then proceeded to using water, and now I just jelq and masterbate slowly.

You should never feel pain during these routines. If you find it painful to do, try to adjust your grip and strength of your tug. These should feel good. The next day you should still feel good. If you have excessive discomfort or pain, always remember to take a step back and recover, analyze what you might have done wrong and try again. As long as you start with smaller goals, and work your way up to the higher levels, you’ll condition yourself nicely. If you start off trying to win the marathon, you’ll only crash and burn. Can’t say it enough. If you’re in pain, take a day off and then resume with a milder routine. Pro jelqers can go for hundreds of jelqs in one session. You’re not a pro jelqer yet, so work your way up to the hundreds types of sessions.

The lessons you will learn during the jelqs should help you maintain an erection, and help you stay firmer for longer. The goal of jelqs is not to cum, that’s what masterbation is for.

The lessons you learn from elongated masterbation sessions should help you cum multiple times and to hold back your cum until you want to release it.

Again, if you accidentally cum, try to continue your routines the best you can. Sometimes that means you won’t get the quality of erection you were aiming for to complete your routine. That’s okay. Just give up for today and try again tomorrow.

What you’re going to learn is that sometimes you need to have a release of cum before reaching that quality physical sex. You need to learn to feel your penis and it’s sensations. Feel when it’s been too long without a release. That first release is probably gonna suck and be fast. But the next day you may have the best sex of your life. I call it a release or climax, because I have reached a point where I can cum multiple times, as long as I don’t release or climax. There is a difference.

Pay attention to when and how you feel during sex. Note how difficult or how easy it is to hold back your cum until you want to release it. You must learn your own bodies feelings and responses to the physical sensations.

Just focus on enjoying those physical sensations. That’s all they are. Physical sensations and physical feelings on your penis. Sometimes they make your toes curl and your feet twitch. Work through all those sensations. An hour long sex session isn’t going to happen if your knees are shaking and your feet are twitching the whole time. Teach your body, through constant masterbation and jelqing that those feelings are good and you want to enjoy them for as long as possible.

The next chapter revisits what should be going through your head and the key phrases to get you through those difficult times when you really want to cum physically, but your not emotionally ready to be done with the sex!

If You Don’t Sing During Sex You’re Doing It Wrong

So I’ve kind of touched on this already, but now I’m going to tell you the phrases you should have running through your head when you’re physically having sex, or masturbating and not wishing to cum so soon.

It takes time, practice and patience. The phrases that I find helpful may not be the same as the ones you find helpful. But here’s a starting point.

When you’re getting close to climax, I want you to repeat these three words and do as they say.

Undo. Release. Relax.

You should be saying to yourself these three words. What’s going to happen is you are going to pay attention to the sensations of climax and learn to not allow yourself to hit the climax until you’re actually ready. You may cum a little. You may cum a lot. But as long as you haven’t climaxed yourself yet, you can keep going, with the proper training which I have given you in the previous chapters.

I also find it helpful to repeat the following phrase.

Just enjoy it. Enjoy the feelings. Enjoy the sensations. Don’t cum.

Through repeating this phrase and practicing not cumming, you’ll help teach yourself that the in and out motions of sex should just be enjoyable.

Once you’re in, for sex, try to stay in. Just stop pumping. Enjoy just being inside your partner. Truly realize that big pumps in and out, and fast pumps are going to make you cum, so slow it down. Enjoy being in your partner.

If you get down to the wire there are two songs that have helped me out the most.

Step back from that ledge my friend.

To remind yourself that you are in control of your climax, you may cum but not climax.

And my favorite: take me out to the ballgame.

This phrase is twofold. First it reminds you that you can take yourself back to not climaxing and cumming by slowing down. And sometimes you just have to take your penis out for a minute and reset. So “take me out” is your major reminder. And “take me out to the ballgame” is the way to remember it.

Orgasm or climax is simply a muscle spasm. Don’t let your penis muscle spasm.

Realize that the erect penis is a pressure filled chamber, and you control the amount of pressure going into and out of it when you learn to control your erections. The first few times you try to hold it back you’ll probably accidentally cum and climax. That’s ok. Just learn from it.

You can maintain an erection and keep an erection whilst relaxing your muscles that make you want to cum and climax. You have to take yourself up to the edge of cumming and climaxing before you can figure out which muscles need to be clenched and released to achieve the kind of sex you desire.

Whike you are in the motions of sex, or masterbation, sing whatever song your heart desires, have it playing in the background, the inspiration to making you relax your muscles. Do not push more blood into this pressure filled penis chamber, just relax your muscles. When you start going soft you may apply more pressure to keep it hard. Keep altering the amount of blood you are forcing into your penis, and the force with which you tighten your vessels and muscles. Do these exercises and tell me the penis isn’t a muscle.

It will get stronger. It will get firmer. It will be harder. You will last longer. I can’t guarantee you will have the same exact experience and results as myself, I can only share my story and hope others find it helpful.

Your Second Goal: Have three orgasms without going soft.

Before we move on to penis enlargement, I want to summarize everything you should have learned and some of the key points to mastering the first two culprits in your sex lives.

Your First Routines and Exercise Plans

Here are some suggested routines for beginners.

Always start with some sort of warm up routine. You need to warm up the muscles and ligaments in your shaft. No need to warm up your balls, especially if you want to have kids soon, excessive heat isn’t great for sperm. I like to warm up in the bath, shower, with a heated rice sock, or by manual masterbation and mild jelqing and stretching.

Stretching is supposedly an age old art taught to the Ancient Greeks by the Gods, and passed down amongst cultures and religions, from fathers to sons, from Greek Warrior Leaders to their apprentices. In and of itself, stretching can help you achieve many of your goals if you want a longer and thicker penis. The stretch shown above is rotated to the right, slightly bent down, and pulled for what is considered one rep.

A good starting point is stretching, and it doesn’t matter how you do the stretches, it matters most that you comfortably, and without pain, work your way up to 100 reps. So pull your penis at the head, gently, you can trap some blood in there as long as it isn’t uncomfortable. Then gently tug in each direction. Up. Down. Left. Right. Straight Out. Bent. Twisted. Only whatever feels good to you. Eventually you should be able to stretch it in every direction and angle imaginable, so don’t get discouraged if you can only do one stretch for now. Keep at it, adding length takes much, much time. Hold your tug or stretch for a few seconds, whatever is most comfortable to you, and with the most flaccid penis imaginable. Stretching is not as effective on an erect penis, it relies on the natural elasticity of the fibers.

Do only as many as it feels good to do. If you have pain or discomfort and bruising after the workout it is a tell-tale sign that you worked out too much. A day's worth of rest and a low intensity routine upon your return will help ease you back into the workouts. As long as you resume gently and without pain, you may continue with the next steps.

Continue doing stretches whenever you can throughout the day, 30-100 reps is doable when using the restroom at work or in the gym. Work them in everywhere you can.

After your length stretches, it’s time to do jelqs, which help with length, but more so with girth and helping you keep a firmer erection.

Jelqs are those “ok” symbol reps that you do by gripping the base of the penis and drawing all the blood, or some of the blood, to the tip. Done single or double handed. Done fast or slow. Done dry or lubed. Done with some or a lot of grip. Most importantly, done whatever way is most comfortable to you.

I usually use my left hand to press into the bone, and hold back my belly. Then my right hand just keeps going up and down, gripping and bringing the blood to the tip of the penis, lightly letting go and back to the base where it keeps repeating itself for each rep.

Do these jelqs also in each direction, and behind the legs too, work your way up to 100 reps as well.

If you do both of these steps each and every day you’ll be primed to add some length and girth to your penis. But when you add the next and final step, you will be able to last as long as you want and cum as many times as you want.

Now that sounds like I’m promising you guys the entire world. But it’s true. Do I last as long as I want each and every time I have sex? Not at all. But I LIVE for those three hour long sessions with the guy I love. It doesn’t matter who you are attracted to, male or female, we all deserve better sex.

Now the key to overall better sex is edging. It’s your time to let loose and have some fun. The goal is to edge, without cumming for one hour, and if you accidentally cum you must keep going with your masterbation until you get hard again and the timer runs out, at which point you are finally allowed to cum and climax.

This is where porn comes in. This is where visualization comes in. This is where your songs and sayings come in. And when you have difficulty staying hard for so long I want you to relax. Relax all your muscles. Even in your penis, all the way to the tip. Be still for a moment, and go again. Starting slowly. You should find after relaxing that it is easier to hold a firm erection.

It’s the same method for not allowing yourself to cum and climax. Hold back those muscles. Stop pumping. Stop pushing blood into the penis. Stop the in and out motions and just enjoy. Enjoy the feelings of sex all over your penis. From the base, all the way to the tip. Relax. Let the muscles relax and just enjoy the sensations.

When you’re with your significant other, be it male or female, whatever position you are in just stop. Be still. Don’t move an inch. Push as much blood into the penis as you can, make it real hard. Be completely still. Have your partner clinch whatever muscles are wrapped around your shaft. Throat. Anal. Vagina. It is all here for our pleasure.

So practice fantasizing about your lover. Or lovers. And if you feel good doing the amount of reps and times in this lesson plan, feel free to continue doing what feels good and doesn’t cause pain in your penis.

I like to utilize a cock ring, but there are some safety precautions which must be made. After a good jelqing or pumping session, and sometimes along with my workouts I will add in a cock ring.

I like adjustable cock rings because we want to cut off just enough flow of blood to the penis, but not too much. Men have worn these things so tight and for so long they lose their complete abilities to maintain an erection whatsoever. So the rule is, you should be able to pee or cum without pain while wearing it. If your penis goes purple or loses feeling, remove the cock ring immediately, you obviously have a high pain threshold and you need to be more aware of your penis’ feelings and sensations. Massage the wounded member until feeling comes back.

Cock rings are an excellent tool in the bedroom as long as you don’t overdo it. Hence why the adjustable ones are best. The solid steel ones are painful to remove over a firmly erect penis, while the adjusting ones simply can be released and removed.

The Much Coveted Bigger Penis

Alright. So you must have gone through all my previous chapters and instructions before beginning this chapter. It is important to have a well established penis, one that is used to being twisted and bent and beat up, before you even dream of getting into a pump.

You should understand how to jelq and stretch, these two things alone are excellent for length and girth. Pumps on the other hand are great for girth and length. Read that again.

So jelqing and stretching are great for building more length and some girth, with the focus being on length.

And pumping is great at building girth and then length, with my routine also building stamina and stronger erections.

We can’t control what or how these methods will work. Sometimes you’ll notice your smaller than ever, even though you do these exercises everyday. And sometimes you’ll see a good girth gain when all you wanted was some length.

It happens.

Before I give you the instructions and guidance you crave, I want to give you a few warnings about pumping.

You must use a comfortable amount of pressure. Do not aim for any specific psi just go with what feels good. You should be able to pump the air out, and jerk off with the pumping chamber. Your skin might move up and down above your head, but as long as it feels good, and you can stay relatively hard, and it’s completely comfortable, just keep at it.

Over pumping . When you have pumped for too long are at too high of a pressure you’ll notice. You might not notice immediately, but you’ll notice some sort of pain after the fact. A bruising or discomfort or swelling that lasts for longer than a few hours.

If you have difficulty achieving an erection the next day, you’ll know you overworked yourself the day prior. So take a day to rest and just beat off or stretch. Recovery is a large part of this so enjoy it. And take note of what you did wrong. Too long in the tube? Too much pressure sucked out?

You’re constantly beating up your dick by pumping and stretching, so let it heal on rest days. Take rest days whenever necessary and at least once per week.

Pumping should be an enjoyable way to masterbate. Yes. Pumping is a masterbation toy. If we use it the way it was intended, to jerk off our penises while being sucked on, just like nature intended, they get bigger. It shouldn’t cause pain or cause you to lose an erection. If your sex starts to suck, scale back your routine, it’s probably the culprit.

I’ve been pumping off and on for years, I don’t know how long it takes to add one inch, even though I’ve added inches. They take time and dedication to a regular routine. You must be devoted to adding an inch even if it takes a whole year, which it very well may.

If you follow my routine you will build firmer erections, learn to last as long as you want, learn to cum multiple times and make your penis thicker and longer when flaccid and erect. That’s a lot of promises. But it’s what I achieved through pumping. Will you as well? Potentially. There are no guarantees or real instructions on using this fun toy, so make sure you’re having fun and getting better and better at having the best sex imaginable.

The last warning is my biggest warning of all. Pumping too much, too fast and too long can literally destroy your penis. You don’t want that to happen. Here’s how it happened to me. I tore apart the skin on the underside of my penis, just below the head. I am still recovering from it. It didn’t just tear in half one day and bleed me to death; it didn’t happen like that.

Because of my dedication and level of pressure I was using, as well as the length of my routines, my skin slowly ripped apart, allowing my head to move freely now in my pump. It’s not uncomfortable, just unsightly while I was recovering. It scabbed up in minuscule spots. I had to refrain from sex for weeks. Weeks. I had to recover. And I don’t regret it, I just have to live with a slightly odd looking underside to my penis. It’s healed up good actually, and most partners I have wouldn’t even notice. But it’s a reality if your shaft connects to your head with its own flap of skin. Slower and lower pressure pumping may prevent this, but I have added more than just an inch or two to my own penis. For me, it just comes with the territory, and I’m grateful I didn’t cause any irreparable harm, even though it is technically irreparable.

I also made myself go from circumcised to uncircumcised. I have elongated my skin enough that it often covers the head of my penis when not erect. I reversed my circumcision. I cannot guarantee that this will also happen to you, just be forewarned.

Take caution. If you feel pain, you’re doing it wrong. Keep that in mind. If you see blood, take a break and examine how it happened, and be more careful next time. If I would have taken my own advice perhaps I wouldn’t have had half the pain I did. You shouldn’t see blood on your penis, that’s not natural and you should truly take a long break from your routine if you see any blood. Along with that it goes without saying, if you are bleeding you should refrain from sex until well healed.

Pumping does rip small tears in the skin that do not scab over, it comes with the growth of new skin. Therefore making it even more important to have protected sex if you do engage in the act throughout your enlargement.

Sometimes you will get a swollen blood vessel. It feels mildly painful, and it typically looks like a bump in the skin. Massage them away. Keep pumping and they will eventually go away as you get to be thicker. People will think you have an STD and they’re not gonna believe you when you tell them the truth. So do your best to not pay them any mind or concern, just massage them away over the next few weeks. Eventually you’ll not have to deal with them, but that’s when you are as thick as your tube. That’s the only way I found that truly helped.

Again. I can’t say it enough. Just feel comfortable and maintain good erections. As long as you keep having good erections, it’s probably a good sign.

Before we get into pumping I want to take one brief break for my last good sex tip.

Be the Narrator

We discussed previously the importance of repeating phrases in your head during sex. And the importance of having sex to the beat of the music, at your own rhythm, pace and speed. But what really turns me on, and hopefully you as well, is the inner narrator at play.

So during sex, whether I need extra help to get and stay hard, or not, but especially when I am trying to be in the exact moment, I narrate the sex in my head.

So I’ll be saying things like, “suck my big dick” or “look at that beautiful, round, sexy ass” or “take this big dick you dirty little whatever.”

It’s the constant thing going through my head. I focus on my partners body, the amazing sex were about to have and it’s all mine. Be completely in the moment you are in. Focus on the touch of their skin. Their curves. Close your eyes to block out the distractions of the environment you are in, and focus only on the other persons curves and sensations.

Eventually this might lead you to be more verbal during sex, and it might turn your partner on to hear you talking dirty. If you’re both more turned on by it, how can that be a bad thing?

Practice when you are watching porn. Turn the volume off and let your mind fill in the narrative. Turn on some good sex music in the background and beat off to the beat, at a good pace, but make it your own if you can. Beat faster. Beat slower. Keep it hard. Don’t cum. Pay close attention to your speed and rhythm, both on the in and out motions and the increase and decrease of bloodflow and the tightening and relaxing of the muscles.

Lastly. Keep telling yourself to relax.

Relax the muscles that will make you want to cum. With enough solo practice you’ll know when and how to relax the correct muscles and blood vessels during actual sex to hold off on achieving your orgasm and climax. Or you’ll get so good at going again right away you’ll be like a machine gun.

Either way, you need practice with yourself and your porn. You won’t get better just by thinking about everything I’m telling you, you must implement your exercises and follow through on them.

The Golden Pumping Plan

This is the quintessential part of this book. Following this pumping plan can help you with everything I have promised, which is everything I have achieved from it. Stronger erections. Longer, more enjoyable sex. A longer, more attractive penis. More feeling on your penis during sex. More enjoyable sex.

Now all these things are subjective, you might not find the same success or thrill from pumping that I did. I loved pumping so much, and believe in this plan so much that I launched my own brand of pumps and this ebook accompaniment. Please utilize BetterSex4Men.com for all of your sex enjoyment needs, and please follow my instructions above before starting any pumping or enhancement routine.

Again, I just can’t say this enough, pumping should be an enjoyable, comfortable way to jerk off, which just so happens to provide all of your sexual fulfillment’s.

The first image you are about to see is after I already added length with jelqs and stretches. Sadly, it is the first image I have in a pump. This is at the end of a routine, and with maximum pressure. Take note of the next pump, which is the double donger, and how packed the tube is. It is full of lotion, blocking the view of the exact size, but it’s approaching the 20cm mark. I’ve been approaching the 20cm mark for several months now, but have made huge progress with girth. Now that my girth is nearly maxed out I should start to see good length gains again, which is why I have increased my daily routines to what is completely comfortable for me.

To begin, get your pumping area set up nicely. I like the angle of pumping while sitting on or bending over a couch or chair. You might prefer a bed or computer chair. Either way, lay down a towel underneath yourself, and have a hand towel ready.

Get your pump and batteries close by, if using an electric pump. Have a timer ready, either from the kitchen or on your phone. You want to track times in minutes and seconds throughout the entire process, as well as somewhere to keep track of your goals and daily exercises.

Have your lube or lotion ready and nearby. Try different unscented lotions or lubes until you find what works best for you.

Get yourself some coffee, water or tea, have your cigarettes and marijuana ready, if you live in one of the states where that’s all legal anyhow.

Turn the porn on, start your first timer, and get hard.

The goal here is to get yourself warmed up. Your number one goal is always to not cum until the end, or be ready to keep going and staying hard. With practice, this will get easier. You want to warm up by jerking off mildly and jelqing for a goal of 6 minutes.

At which point you will lube yourself up really well with lube or lotion. Continue jerking off and jelqing for 3 more minutes.

Now if this is your first time using your pump it may have a plastic or rubber grip on the end, which would be on the base of the pump, where you would insert your penis. When I first began I used this rubber gasket, for lack of a better term, but as I got thicker I found placing the pumping chamber directly around my shaft was best. So I recommend starting with that piece and removing it when going “bare” feels better.

For myself I had to shave, and still shave regularly around my shaft where the tube meets my pubic area and balls, to achieve a tighter seal around all my skin.

Try to keep your balls, and your sack out of the pumping chamber while pumping. If it feels better to have them sucked in too, go for it. Just keep it feeling comfortable, with minimal pain. Regularly pulling your ball sack out and readjusting as needed.

I enjoy pumping my balls for extended periods of time, but separate from my penis pumping, experience it, experiment with it.

After your warm ups, apply your pump to a 80-100% erect and lubed up penis and begin pumping. Restart your timer from zero and make your first goal 15 minutes in the pump. As you begin to pump, release the pressure whenever it starts to hurt. Eventually it will stop hurting and feel good, so don’t cause too much pain. It’s always better to release your pressure and get hard again if you go soft, or if it feels weird in any ways.

Realistically when first starting out, release your pressure every 1-3 minutes. While pumped, maintain a good paced jerking and or rotating motion. If you’re lubed up enough it should feel good. Eventually it will give you the sensations that you are having sex, or receiving oral. Like I said, it’s a great way to masterbate.

I find a nice up and down motion with the pump, making the skin on your shaft move up and over the head, to be the most comfortable way to pump. This helps keep swelling down near the head, and to stretch out the skin near the head, where it is prone to tearing under the pressure.

Your goal again is to not cum. Stay as hard as you can and take note of how big you are able to pump to at the end of 15 minutes. This is your first benchmark to beat.

Once your 15 minutes is up, release the pressure in the chamber and jerk off, jelq and stretch for 5-10 minutes, with the same goal of not cumming. This is when I would apply a cock ring, for my warm down only, and edging. You want to edge yourself, jerk off without cumming.

After pumping I find it highly beneficial to stretch, jelq and edge in a good mix and rhythm of all three. Usually followed by a warm bath to help soak my tortured dick. Then I allow my dick to ride freely out the side of my underwear throughout my day. Sometimes even through the center opening. Don’t flatten out your freshly pumped dick by suffocating it between your legs, be aware of when you are doing that. I promise you, one day you will sit on your own dick because it is so big, and it’s going to be painful. I know from experience. I never used to sit on my own dick.

It seems to be more beneficial to hold back your cum for a few days, but if you must climax and cum, now is the time. Do what will make you feel best in the moment, but keep those built up testosterone levels high by not cumming everyday, it seems to help.

Now, if you’re dedicated to this routine you can start to increase the total pumping time by 15 minutes each week, until you hit the 2 hour mark. Always releasing the pressure every 3-5 minutes until pumping straight through for over an hour feels good.

It takes much time to get to the 2 hour mark so don’t rush it. You’ll only cause injury and pain if you tackle that goal on day one.

Remember I do this routine daily and it takes months to add centimeters sometimes. Patience is key. You do not get to choose if you’ll add more girth or length at any given time, so just enjoy the toy!

Do not fall asleep with the pump on. I did it once. Not healthy. I couldn’t get an erection for a few days. It was mildly terrifying.

Balloons and donuts happen. It’s that puffy part shaped like a donut around the tip of your penis. Those are actually good, as long as they’re not painful, even though they are unsightly and uncomfortable. They should go away within a few hours or overnight. If they don’t, take a day off and reduce your routine.

That donut puffiness seems to elongate the penis or help it stay elongated. So this is a good time to not have your penis too restricted in whitey tighties, and when I wear my “dickless” underwear. Keeping my penis as free flowing and unrestricted as possible.

Sometimes it itches. That’s your new skin being born. Don’t make it bleed. Lotion up. Massage it. Your skin will be getting bigger and thicker, you’re stretching it out. It will be itchy. That’s the cost of building your penis with this method.

Your Last Goal: Pump for two hours without cumming, or by having multiple orgasms.

I find that combining all of my methods. Jelqing. Pumping. Stretching. On an as needed basis will give you the best results.

You should be maintaining a good erection quality later in the day, and certainly the next day. If you notice you can’t seem to get it hard, take extra time off and don’t overwork yourself so much next time. Always be massaging and jelqing, as much as possible anyhow to help with getting the feeling back to normal and reduce the swelling gradually.

You’ll find that the head of your penis is way more sensitive sometimes. It’s taking quite a beating in the pump. Massage. Slow jelqs. Slow jerking. These help bring the sensitivity back to whatever is normal for you. Oral from a friend or spouse might hurt after pumping, it’s because of your increased sensitivity. Slower oral seems to be beneficial to getting the feeling back to normal, as well as not allowing your partner to suck too much directly at the head.

Don’t let your penis turn purple or lose it’s color and go cold, whether in a pump or cockring. If you get really purple in the pump, that’s probably not good, it’s a result of too much pressure too fast. The release valve is your friend. Use it.

The penis may lose color and look really oddly shaped immediately after pumping. If you notice it’s color is going away, massage it more and make sure it isn’t restricted on your pants. I go commando for this reason. For me it serves a purpose. Some color loss is normal, but not for extended periods of time.

If it’s real puffy and oddly shaped, keep massaging it. As long as you don’t feel pain or too much discomfort, it’s probably normal. Some discomfort is normal. Sharp pains are not.

Bruising happens. It’s unsightly, but they eventually go away. Massaging helps.

Be ready to abstain from sex while going through the pumping routine. There will be days you just can’t get it hard because of over pumping. There will be days you don’t want to show off your penis, and it’s just unsightly. It should only be unsightly temporarily. So don’t worry too much. If you need to take a day or a week off for things to go back to normal, do it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a rest, as long as you resume. Do not be stubborn on this one.

Your size will change daily. So use your tube now as your measuring tool. Note your starting erect size and your ending erect size. These are your goals to beat.

You’ll pump for weeks sometimes toying with getting bigger by one more centimeter. It gets discouraging. But real results are physically possible with pumps if you find the right routine for you.

You may like pumping standing up. I didn’t used to when I first started.

You may like pumping bent over the edge of your bed. I do.

You may like pumping straight down toward the floor. I need to vary the angle and rhythm.

My favorite position is laying slightly flat or at an angle and pumping towards the ceiling or towards my feet. Secondly I love pumping on the edge of a couch, with the pump straight out or aimed at the floor.

Your Extra Credit: We know from the warnings on Viagra commercials, an erection lasting longer than 4 hours should require medical attention. So your goal, and my goal is not to work out for longer than this, but work yourself up to whatever time is comfortable for you, Dow me, it’s 1:30-2 hours. Anything more and it’s too much, and why do anything less if it’s still comfortable and working? I devote a lot of time to this because I’m ready to hit my goals and be done. I want to just enjoy sex now, and each day I pump for long sessions, it brings me closer to my goal.

The best sex practice you can possibly do is learn how to edge properly. Edge for an hour, or more, and keep bringing yourself right up to the point where you want to cum, but don’t allow yourself to. Once you’re getting good at that, edge while you remain 100% hard, forcing blood into your penis to keep it hard, masterbate faster and harder, and bring yourself right up to the edge of cumming, but don’t.

The best thing you can do is only truly cum and climax every few days, jerking off daily, with climax and cum leads do weaker erections on a daily basis. So refrain from cumming and climaxing. Again, there is a difference.

Cumming is equivalent to fluid escaping from the tip of the penis. Learn to hold it back. You can cum and not climax. I do it all the time, through complete penile muscle control.

Climaxing on the other hand, again, is the act of allowing your penis muscles to spasm, thereby, and hence the orgasm. Spasm. Orgasm. Get it? So don’t climax so often. You’ll build up a much bigger load and sex will be more enjoyable, try not to cum so fast. Remember you control the pace.

Just do what feels good within the guidelines I have provided, and you should be on your way to a bigger and better, more effective, more enjoyable penis. Just the way God intended. Be fruitful and multiply, or don’t. Please use your new penis to spread good love to those you love most, and just enjoy the feelings of better sex!